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You want to get your business going, but like many home tutoring startups, you probably also don’t want to spend a ton of money on marketing right away. Perhaps surprisingly, email is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods available today!

The average email marketing campaign generates an incredible $36 for every $1 spent! If you want to get in on some of that 3,600% return on investment for your business, here are four ways to use email marketing to launch your high school home tutoring business.

Find the right email marketing platform

All great email marketing campaigns start with a great email marketing platform. Your email platform is where you can store contacts, create email layouts, and schedule sends. It’s the home base for all your email campaigns, which is why it’s important to pick the right one.

As a new business, you want to choose a platform with tools designed to save you time, keep you on budget, and can scale as your high school home tutoring business grows. If you choose the wrong platform now, you might have trouble keeping up as your client list grows! Do your research and choose a platform that will work for your current AND future needs.

Build your contact list

The hardest part of email marketing as a new business is growing your contact list. Naturally, you can’t send your amazing marketing emails if you don’t have any email addresses! Start working on growing your contact list as soon as you possibly can. The more email addresses you have, the more likely your campaigns will succeed.

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There are a few ways for new businesses to grow their contact lists. Here are just a few of the favorites:

  • Put an opt-in form on your website
  • Share your contact form on social media
  • Offer email-only discounts or freebies

People don’t like to give away their contact information for nothing, so make sure people get value out of being added to your email list. Whether you want to send helpful newsletters about the subjects you teach or offer a discount on your first session for signing up for your emails, the more valuable you make your emails look, the more likely people will be to sign up.

Building your contact list is essential for getting your email campaigns (and business) off the ground. Always keep looking for ways to collect email addresses. There’s no such thing as too many!

Use eye-catching email layouts

Your emails are a representation of your business. You want your tutoring business to look professional, so your emails need to look professional, too! Text-only emails are boring, which may make potential customers think your teaching is boring — meaning they probably won’t want to sign up for your lessons. Instead, use eye-catching email layouts to put your best foot forward.

Of course, you’re busy planning lessons and teaching students. You don’t have time to design professional email layouts from the ground up. Luckily, there are plenty of free email templates available online from websites like PosterMyWall.

Templates make it easy to design professional-level emails without needing professional-level skills (or time). Simply choose the template that best fits your style, update the information, and you’re ready to send to your contact list in just a few minutes! It’s the easiest way to design effective marketing emails.

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Make an offer they can’t refuse

Just collecting and sending emails isn’t enough. You might have a contact list of a thousand people before you even launch your new business, but there’s still one major obstacle you need to overcome to create a successful email marketing campaign. You need people to actually open your emails.

According to research, 78% of all emails sent are never opened. Most emails either sit unread in the inbox, or they’re sent straight to the trash. And why? The subject lines aren’t interesting enough to warrant a click.

People get hundreds of emails every single day. If you want yours to stand out from the pack and get that all-important click, you need to showcase your offer right in the subject line. Convince readers why they should open your email with an offer.

An offer is what a reader will get for opening your email. For example, if you’re offering a special course or a discount on sessions leading up to the SATs, put that information front and center in the subject line. Nobody has time to read an email with the subject line, “Register for high school home tutoring courses.” It’s bland and doesn’t provide an offer.

Instead, you want your subject lines to read more like, “SCORE BIG ON THE SAT! – 20% off home tutoring sessions this week only.” This subject line really showcases the offer in a way the reader can’t refuse. You’ll have more signups than you know what to do with!

Start building your home tutoring business with email marketing

Launching a business is hard work. But nothing can get your high school home tutoring business off the ground like a great email marketing campaign.

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The key to email marketing is to use the right email marketing platform, build your contact list, use professional email layouts, and make an offer your readers can’t refuse. With an effective email marketing campaign ready and waiting, your tutoring business launch will be an astounding success!

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