This website about Pat Ugwu Academy at ( is a personal blog maintained by Patrick Chigoziri Ugwu. Uncle Pat as he is fondly called, is an educational technology expert and a tech applications enthusiast.

He always seeks technological solutions for everyday life problems. Pat also likes to teach young ones how to make good use of technology by freely teaching them trending profitable tech skills.

This blog teaches technological and life knowledge in the following categories:

  • EdTech Solutions
  • Digital Literacy
  • Tech Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Etcetera.

We are living in a rapidly changing world where technology is disrupting a lot of things in our world, we shall continue to learn and catch up with the trend.

Pat Ugwu uses his blog to bring you up to speed in the world of technology and how you can use tech to automate your business processes. We also accept Sponsored Posts for a fee.