difference between B.Ed. and B.Sc. Ed.

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Bachelor’s of Science also known as B.Sc. is a four or five-year programme offered to undergraduate students in the university. In this post, we will look at the difference between B.Ed and B.Sc. Ed. In the past, we have written about teaching strategies for every teacher.

This confusion has generated arguments in different quarters, I have seen students and even some teachers not knowing the difference. One lecturer once argued that there is no difference, which he said out of ignorance.

Before we continue, let me remind you that you can get lesson note materials here. Now, let us go straight to the point.

A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) is a certificate awarded to a university graduate who studied core educational courses of course in the faculty of education. Below are examples of core education courses that will attract B.Ed. for you:

B.Ed. Courses

  1. Guidance and Counselling
  2. Curriculum Development
  3. Educational Management and Supervision
  4. Educational Psychology
  5. Measurement and Evaluation
  6. Special Education
  7. Adult Education
  8. Educational Technology
  9. etc.

Please do not forget that we previously wrote many articles on how to use technology in teaching and learning.

Let’s continue. On the other hand:

Bachelor’s of Science in Education (B.Sc. Ed.) is a certificate awarded to university graduates who studied science and social science courses under the faculty of education. These courses are usually teaching subjects in secondary schools. Below are examples of courses that will attract you B.Sc. Ed.

B.Sc. Ed. Courses

  1. Biology Education
  2. Chemistry Education
  3. Computer Education
  4. Mathematics Education
  5. Physics Education
  6. Business Education
  7. Economics Education
  8. Health Education
  9. etc.

Again, you can learn from our digital literacy articles.

Which is better: B.Ed. or B.Sc. Ed.?

Many people who are seeking admission are most time confused about what path to follow, especially when they meet similarities like this. Not having a good counselor may cause the person to miss his way.

Both disciplines are all good, but it all boils down to what you want to be. If you want to continue with the education sector, taking a core educational course is a good idea. Meanwhile, if you think you may want to venture into other areas in the future, then go with B.Sc. Ed. In fact, this is a kind of dual honor to you.

Final Thoughts

I hope this short write-up has given you a clear understanding of the difference between B.Ed. and B.Sc. Ed. The truth is that the essence of education is to acquire knowledge that will help you to solve life challenges.

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  1. Uzonwanne Jacob says:

    Thanks for the clarification, if I studied building technology and obtain Bsc. Ed, can I practice in the field and join relevant professional bodies, your reply is highly needed

    1. A BSc. Ed in Building Technology enables you to practice in construction as a building technologist, manager, or inspector, and join professional bodies. Check if you need extra certification or licensure in your region, like a professional engineering license. Research and meet requirements as necessary.

      You can as well pursue your career in education as a lecturere or a resercher.

    2. Shuaibu Amina Aliyu says:

      Thanks a lot I have gotten my way now I get to understand what is good for me.

  2. hi i studied mathematics education. can i go for masters in data science ?

    1. Absolutely! With your background in mathematics education, pursuing a master’s degree in data science is a great option. Your strong analytical and problem-solving skills will be valuable in the field. Meanwhile, you might encounter challenges finding an institution that offers a data science program specifically under the faculty of education.

      Make sure to check the specific requirements of the programs you’re interested in; you can as well consider doing data science course online instead of using conventional university degree. Best of luck in your data science journey!

  3. Please i want to have a B.Sc Ed degree in Computer Science, can i be able to work as a Computer Scientist in an organization or as a teacher in the Educational Sector?

    1. Yes, with a B.Sc Ed. degree in Computer Science, you can pursue a career as a Computer Scientist in organizations or work as a teacher in the Educational Sector. Your degree will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills for both career paths.

  4. Good morning sir I want to study B Ed in health education can I be able to work in an health centre or work medically

    1. A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Health Education can certainly lead to opportunities in the field of health and education. However, it’s important to clarify that this degree primarily focuses on preparing individuals for careers in teaching and educational roles related to health and wellness.

      With a B.Ed in Health Education, you would typically be qualified to work as a health education teacher, instructor, or trainer. Your role would involve educating students or community members about health-related topics, such as nutrition, physical fitness, disease prevention, and healthy lifestyles.

      If your goal is to work directly in a health center or in a medical capacity, such as a healthcare provider or practitioner, you would typically need a degree in a medical or healthcare field, like nursing, medicine, or allied health professions. These fields require specific medical training and qualifications.

      You can also get a care training that will qualify you to work as a caregiver abroad.

  5. Please i want more clarification, i study B.Sc Ed degree in Biology & I’m a bit confused in my M.Sc options because I want to further with my M.Sc next year thank you.

  6. Is there a difference between bachelor of science in education and bachelor of science with education?

  7. I want to study accounting education will I get Bsc And Bed

  8. reuben samuel says:

    i want to further my knowledge in ai and ml and i was given admission to coe to study computer science education/mathematic is it helpful sir

    1. Yes, it is. Keep in mind that you will need extra lessons aside from the school curriculum to achieve your goal.

  9. Victor Brown says:

    If I study Agricultural science and education and obtain B.Sc Ed can I work as a direct agricultural practitioner?

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