Educational Technology Questions and Answers

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Based on popular demand, we have published educational technology questions and answers in order to diggest many critical difficulties faced by this sector of learning. Let us look at the definition of educational technology once more.

It is a wide phrase that refers to the tools and resources used in or out of the classroom to assist students in earning. This includes software and hardware tools that can be used solely or as a system to deliver teaching and learning.

Talking about educational technology questions and answers, there are a lot of questions being asked concerning EdTech. We shall pick them one after another and try to do justice to them.

What is Educational Technology?

Educational Technology (Edtech) is a concept of transforming traditional book teaching and learning into digital form. Edtech can open doors to incorporate conventional classroom methods with advanced digital course studies.

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So, any technological tool employed to enhance teaching and learning is said to be educational technology, or EdTech for short. You can take free educational technology course here.

Are educational technology and instructional technology the same?

Educational Technology is clearly different from instructional technology, while instructional technology also means the use of media and other tools to enhance teaching only. Educational technology includes teaching, learning, assessment, administration, and storage.

What are educational technology tools?

Tools use in educational technology include computer hardware like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and computer software like presentation apps, virtual classrooms, communication channels, etc. Here are basic technological tools for teaching.

What is the purpose of educational technology?

The sole purpose of educational technology is to use technology to improve learning objectives. Technology helps in reaching more students and brings learning to homes. Students can learn at their own time and pace. There are other important to technology in education.

What is the difference between technology in education and technology of education?

While technology in education is concerned with using tools and media to improve education. The technology of education is about the philosophy, sociology, and psychology of education. The technology of education also has to do with the teaching strategy employed by the teacher.

Can educational technology replace a teacher?

No! Just that technology will not be able to replace doctors, EdTech will not replace teachers, at least, not in the near future. Technology is simply used as a tool to assist teachers. Meanwhile, a teacher who does not know how to use modern technologies may find it difficult to gain employment.

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How can educational technology help students?

Educational Technology can help students in varieties of ways. EdTech help students to collaborate amongst themselves, learn at their own pace, learn from their home, meet with international students, and so on.

How can educational technology be used in the classroom?

One of the fundamental uses of educational technology in the classroom is by preparing students’ lessons with Microsoft PowerPoint. These lessons can be projected to the board using the projector. Animation and graphics in presentation packages are very good for conceptualization and illustrations. Here is an article on technology integration in the classroom.

Which educational technology is used in distance education?

The Internet is the basic technology used in facilitating learning in distance education. It is worth knowing that radio and television are still in use today. We wrote an article on the advantages of the internet in education. We also have a publication on offline vs online learning. Kindly read them for a better understanding.

Why is educational technology viewed as a process and a product?

Educational technology is a process of solving educational problems and it also serves as a product by a way of using technology as an instrument of learning.

How will technology change education in the future?

The combinations of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and simulations will form the future of education. There is going to be adaptive computer learning, smart MOOCs, game-based learning, and what have you. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are parts of the areas to look out for in the future. Here are some EdTech Terminologies you may like to read.

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Should I get a masters in educational technology?

This is another vital question in this Educational Technology questions and answers post. If you already have a degree in education or in a computer-related discipline, a master’s degree in educational technology can help boost your career. We all saw how technology was massively used during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020.

The future of educational technology is estimated to have continuous growth. According to Global News Wire: “The EdTech market size was valued at USD 254.80 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 605.40 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 15.52% during the forecast period.”

Is educational technology a good course?

Definitely yes! Especially if you have passions for teaching and technology. Please read the above answer again.

Where can an educational technologist work

An Educational Technologist has a very long range of roles to perform, they can work in any of the following disciplines: educational technology instructor, software engineering, media specialist, technology teacher, content creator, and so on.

This list actually is not all-in-all for Educational Technology Questions and Answers, but we shall do our best to continue to update the questions and address them respectively.

Final Thoughts

Educational Technology Questions and Answers are burning everyday questions about EdTech. Going through the answers carefully provided in this post will give you a clear understanding of this field of learning.

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