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Teachers and of course other content writers always seek tools that will help them to supercharge their writing skills. In this post, I am going to make a list of free writing tools that will take your writing career to another level.

If you are interested in learning the secrete of writing more engaging blog posts and other content marketing tricks faster, please continue reading as this post will wow you.

Before we begin proper, let us, first of all, understand what free writing tools is all about.

Writing Tools

Writing tools are a set of online free writing tools that assist content writers like teachers, bloggers, marketers, course creators, and so on to create professional and engaging write-ups. Traditionally, writers normally look for proofreaders, and professionals to correct and even criticize their work.

Today, there are a lot of paid and free writing tools that will assist writers to perform better. This assistance includes spelling and grammar check, plagiarism check, article title analysis, and search engine optimization, among other things.

1. Grammar Checkers

a. Grammarly

Grammarly enterprise is internet-based conversation management and written content curation gadget that enables corporations across all industries to polish their written communications. The platform offers a number of features such as grammar checks, grammar hints, style manual control, tone detection, plagiarism checks, and more. Grammarly enterprise may be used by sales, advertising, marketing, and aid teachers to craft attractive, particular, and grammatically sound text.

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With Grammarly commercial enterprise, groups can reduce grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and make sure content is apparent and written in the proper tone. The platform highlights any mistakes or inaccuracies and provides recommendations for stepped forward content material.

b. Ginger

Ginger is a proofreading program that helps educational institutions and organizations to detect and correct errors while also improving articles, blogs, classified material, and a variety of other content. The platform includes a grammar checking tool that automatically improves sentences, detects errors, and gives suggestions to correct misspelled words.

Ginger enables users to identify and correct tense misuse, as well as provide automatic recommendations for idioms, phrases, and synonyms. It also allows API integration with a variety of third-birthday CRM and LMS applications.

2. Plagiarism Checkers

If you care to know whether your written article is original, below are free writing tools you can use.

a. Turnitin

Turnitin is rated as the best plagiarism checker across the globe. The tool checks billions of online contents and private databases for a match of your document.

Turnitin is fast, accurate, and reliable to use.

b. Grammarly

Another good plagiarism checker you can use online is Grammarly. Even though the web tool is known for spelling and grammar checks, it is also good for plagiarism.

We have previously published a very beautiful article about plagiarism checkers.

3. Title Generators

a. Pat Ugwu Title Generator

Pat Ugwu Title Generator is a software that allows users to generate unique and creative titles for their blogs. The tool provides a wide range of options, including word categories, synonyms, and alliterations.

Additionally, the tool includes a random generator that allows users to pick from varieties of options depending on what they intend to achieve.

b. The Hoth Headline Generator

The Hoth is an awesome headline generator that uses artificial intelligence to generate titles. The application has a lot of variables that you will need to enter to make that makes the title generation powerful.

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The Hoth has a lot of other free writing tools that you can use to create professional articles.

4. Title Analyzers

a. Isitwp Headline Analyzer

Isitwp is a WordPress tool that offers so much help to WordPress users. It headline analyzer tool helps to score a title to determine if it is good enough.

The tool checks criteria such as word balance, word count, power words, emotional words, sentiment, length, and so on. The body note in the article also has a lot of information to help writers.

This is one of the free writing tools that I recommend to writers without hesitation.

b. Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Coschedule headline analyzer is another free online tool that is used to check the quality of your headline. Just like the one I mentioned above, this also uses different metrics to check the quality of your title or headline.

Comparing both of these tools will give you an insight into what title that may perform better in the article you are planning to publish.

5. SEO Tools

If what you are writing is a blog post or other online content. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool is a must-have for you. There are many of them though, but I just picked this two as a guide for you.

a. Semrush

Semrush is one of the best SEO, and free writing tools for bloggers and online marketers. Although the web tool is a paid tool, its free version is enough to help you as a beginner. And you have up to 10 keyword pieces of research per day.

b. Ahrefs

Because there is an article for almost everything you search for on the web, bloggers are using SEO tools like ahrefs to help them appear on Google’s first page. Just in a few clicks, ahrefs will reveal turns of keywords that will help you rank your blog or website.

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6. Paraphrazers

a. Quillbot

Because there are billions of content online today, there is a big possibility that even your original content idea exists somewhere on the web. Quillbot is one of the fantastic free writing tools that can paraphrase your article and give it another structure.

It has been proved in many quarters that text paraphrased with Quillbot is free from plagiarism. Kindly note that it is a good practice to give credit to the source of your idea.

b. Spinbot

Another free tool to paraphrase is Spinbot, it has the capability to change the wordings in a text. It is worthy to mention here that this tool may not be as powerful as Quillbot.

7. AI Content Generators

Artificial intelligence Content Generation tools are the most recent trend in content creation, blogging, and overall copywriting. AI content generation in many ways can help to improve the quality and accessibility of online content.

a. H-Super Tools AI Generator

You may have heard of Jarvis AI content generator, H-SuperTools is a free alternative to Jarvis. These types of free writing tools will assist you in producing high-quality material while saving you a significant amount of time.

H-SuperTools does all this for free, but there is a free coin that you will be using to generate content.

b. Simplified

Simplified is another AI content generator, the web tool will help you write a blog introduction, blog section, and blog conclusion.

Consider these free writing tools as a robot sitting alongside you, assisting you with your writing! It is a writing helper powered by artificial intelligence.

Final Thoughts

Technologies now have a lot of influence on our day-to-day lives. There are a lot of tools that help us to perform our jobs better and revelation of those tools is what we did in this post for writers.

We can continue to go on and on, but these free writing tools were highlighted as a guide to writers to enable them to improve their writing skills and become successful.

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