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Using graphics like pictures, maps, and so on has always been a good tool for teaching and learning. It helps students to understand concepts quickly and assimilate them. In this article, I will review Canva for education and help teachers to understand how best it can be of help to them in creating lesson notes, worksheets, and others.

Teachers’ work is such a busy activity that many of them will certainly not have time to become professional graphic designers. They may as well have enough funds to hire designers to produce graphic images for them to use as instructional materials. This is why I am so happy to review this web application called Canva for education purposes. There are other free graphics design tools aside from Canva for Education.

In order to understand this article very well, it will be wise for me to first explain what Canva is.

What is Canva?

Canva is an online graphic and image manipulation platform. It is used to design and create social media images, infographics, and other presentations. The web application has already made templates for users.

It is free to use, but it also has a premium version known as Canva Pro with additional functionalities where users are required to pay for a subscription package.

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Canva for Education

Canva is one of the web tools widely used by teachers. Teachers use it to create infographics, logos, worksheets, and other teaching enhancement purposes. Canva for Teachers is a good alternative to graphic design software that is most difficult to learn. Canva makes it easy for teachers to start creating graphics with minimum effort.

Below is what Canva themselves said:

Whether you’re a teacher or student, Canva for Education makes it easy to create, collaborate, and communicate visually in the classroom and beyond. It’s 100% free for K12 teachers and their students.

Students at all levels can use Canva for Education platform for collaboration, communication, and sharing ideas together. So, Canva for students is a great tool for their academic performance. Students can also Canva to begin a graphics design journey.

Features of Canva for Education

There are a lot of features of Canva for Education. Let us try to review some of them now.

The World is a Classroom

With Canva, you can set up your classroom space, invite or add students, publish lessons and manage other learning activities. These can be integrated with Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and other learning platforms known as digital classrooms.

Ready to use Templates

Get access to thousands of high-quality educational templates for lessons, assessments, gradings, and so on.  Whether you are a language, mathematics, science, social studies teacher, and more –  Canva is for everyone.

Engaging Visuals Assignments

Use Canva to create and share engaging assignments with your students for them to complete. You can use any digital classroom of your choice to share them or do it within Canva. With this, students can complete these assignments at their own pace and submit them back to their teachers for review.

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Empower Students Collaboration

One of the vital features of Canva is its ability to empower students’ collaboration and visual communication. It helps in group learning activities among students. Students can work together irrespective of their geographical locations.

Canva for teachers pay teachers

A lot of teachers are now making thousands of dollars by selling their teaching materials on Teachers Pay Teachers. TPT is a platform where teachers collaborate and share teaching resources.

Canva can be a great tool for creating these teaching resources. Learning and mastering Canva for Education will help you to be among those that share teaching resources on the teachers pay teachers web platform.

Canva for Education Pro Features

If you have tested Canva for Education for free, and you like it. You can upgrade to a paid version for more premium features. Canva for Education Pro features includes:

  • Millions of premium images
  • Premium fonts, graphics, videos, and animations
  • Remove the background from an image in a click
  • Upload school logos and fonts
  • Add Bitmoji and GIFs to personalize your work

Limitations of using Canva

  • No doubt, Canva is not a professional program for graphic design because it cannot be used to do serious image manipulations.
  • Another limitation is that Canva requires internet access before you can use it. This is not good for people in remote areas where there are no internet services.
  • Again is that Canva has no source file, meaning that all your work is stored in their cloud space.
  • Finally, some of Canva designs have been overused.

Although there are some limitations, it is also a good tool to try. There are good advantages of the internet in education, and Canva is one of them.

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Canva Pro for Educators

Teachers have a variety of free Pro premium design tools to create virtually anything required for classroom instruction. This is a method Canva is using to support global education.

Final Thoughts

Canva for Educational Technology is no doubt a good tool for teachers. It has a lot of features that can help teachers to save time and cost of production. This goes a long way to help them to maximize their time.

Tools like Canva give users the ability to reuse what they have previously created without having to repeat the process each time they need them.

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