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You must have known that writing fresh content on a consistent basis will help to improve the visibility of your online content. However, there are challenges associated with writing a new post every time, most especially when you have a busy schedule. This is where the best AI content writing tools come to help.

Since the emergence of artificial intelligence, many industries have been implementing it for one thing or the other. Its applications in education are not an exception. But there are many of these AI tools that do ugly jobs, and that is where I am here to help you with this blog post.

In this post, I will highlight for you the best AI content writing tools for your writing. This will remove the hassle it may have you to search for them. My picks are based on personal experiences with the tools. Apart from AI tools, there are other article-writing tools you may like to use.

What is an AI Content Writer?

An artificial intelligence (AI) content writer, sometimes referred to as an AI writer or an AI-powered content generator, is a sophisticated software program that employs NLP and AI to autonomously produce written material.

Unlike conventional content writers, who are human humans, AI content writers have been taught to comprehend language, context, and grammatical rules. As a result, they can produce articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and other types of material that are coherent and contextually relevant.

Sometimes, AI can write better and faster content than humans. Let’s now look at the pros and cons of using the best AI content writing tools.

Pros of Using AI Content Writers

  • AI content writers save time by generating content quickly and efficiently.
  • Content produced by AI writers maintains consistency in tone and style.
  • AI content writers can be cost-effective compared to hiring human writers for large volumes of content.
  • They can analyze vast amounts of data, enabling in-depth research for content creation.
  • AI content writers are available 24/7, allowing for flexible content generation.
  • These tools can translate content into multiple languages, expanding audience reach.
  • AI writers help prevent plagiarism by ensuring content is original and unique.
  • They can suggest relevant and trending topics based on user interests and search queries.
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Cons of Using AI Content Writers

  • AI content writers may lack human creativity, resulting in less original and emotionally engaging content.
  • Understanding complex contexts or nuances can be challenging for AI tools, leading to inaccuracies.
  • Over-reliance on AI-generated content can diminish the human touch in the writing process.
  • The quality of AI-generated content may vary, requiring significant editing and revision.
  • AI content writers may not fully grasp the intricacies of SEO optimization, limiting their effectiveness.
  • The emotional connection in content can be lacking since AI lacks human empathy.
  • The quality of AI content relies on the availability and accuracy of the data it analyzes.
  • Unintentional biases present in the training data may be reflected in the AI-generated content.

Best AI Content Writing Tools

1. Jasper

Jasper is one of the leading AI content generator tools in the market. It was formally known as Jarvis but was later renamed due to copyright issues. Jasper uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) which is an excellent tool in AI content writing like blogging, copywriting, etc.

It has the ability to generate good content that can rank well on long search engines such as Google and can also perform well in social media adverts. We created a post on social media awareness that you will like.

Features of Jasper

  • Advanced AI-powered content generation for articles, blogs, and social media posts.
  • Natural language processing capabilities for contextually relevant content.
  • Customizable tone and writing style options to match brand preferences.
  • Keyword optimization for improved SEO performance.
  • Real-time collaboration and feedback features for team-based writing projects

Jasper‘s price starts at $59 per month.

2. JeniAI

JeniAI is an innovative AI-driven writing assistant that caters to various content types, making it a versatile tool for writers, bloggers, and professionals alike. This sophisticated software harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to assist users in creating exceptional written material, including articles, emails, essays, and more.

JeniAI’s primary objective is to enhance the writing experience for users by offering intelligent suggestions and insights throughout the content creation process.

Features of JeniAI

  • AI-driven writing assistant for various content types, including articles, emails, and essays.
  • Grammar and spelling checks with intelligent suggestions for corrections.
  • Vocabulary enhancement recommendations to improve writing quality.
  • Plagiarism detection to ensure original and authentic content.
  • Personalized writing insights based on user preferences and writing patterns.
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JeniAI has a $0 per month plan

3. Writesonic

Writesonic is a powerful AI content-writing tool that was founded in 2021 with a lot of businesses on its platform. One of the winning points of Writesonic is the ability to balance versatility and user-friendliness.

When you talk of an AI tool that can use generative models to produce more than 40 types of content, Writesonic comes to mind. Just give it a good prompt in its supported languages and it will create good and logical content for copy, blog post, and so on.

Features of Writesonic

  • AI-powered content creation for blog posts, ad copies, and social media content.
  • Pre-trained templates for different industries and writing purposes.
  • Content rewriting and paraphrasing capabilities for diverse content variations.
  • Integrated keyword and SEO optimization suggestions.
  • Multilingual content generation for international audiences.

Writesonic’s price starts at $19 per month.

4. Frase

Frase is another helpful AI content writer tool that is focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Its mode of operation is to generate well-optimized brief content for blog articles.

If you work with multiple team members, Frase is a good AI content writer that you should try. Because it has good collaborative features for teamwork.

Features of Frase

  • AI-driven content research and topic ideation based on user input.
  • Competitor analysis to identify content gaps and opportunities.
  • Summarize lengthy articles for quick insights.
  • Integration with content management systems for seamless publishing.
  • Data-driven content recommendations for improved engagement.

Frase’s price starts at $44.99 per month.

5. CopyAI

My fifth AI content writing tool is CopyAI, an advanced tool that has the capability to help you with different kinds of content such as social posts, product descriptions, reviews, and so on. The tool has a user-friendly interface that allows you to prepare some templates for your AI content.

CopyAI offers you the opportunity to choose the type of content you intend to generate. This includes headlines, blog introductions, etc. And each of them has brief descriptions of how to use them. When you are done, the tool will generate a list of options for you to choose what you prefer to use.

Features of CopyAI

  • AI-powered copywriting for ads, product descriptions, and marketing content.
  • Language and tone adjustments to suit specific target audiences.
  • A/B testing for comparing multiple versions of copy and identifying high-performing content.
  • Integration with popular e-commerce platforms for direct copy implementation.
  • Social media content generation with relevant hashtags and captions.
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CopyAI’s price starts at $35 per month with a free option.

6. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is arguably the most popular AI content-generation tool. Upon the official launch of the software, 1 million sign-ups were reached in 5 days. These 1 million sign-ups would take other popular apps months and sometimes years before they can achieve it.

ChatGPT works very well if you understand how to use it. It is useful for writing blogs, sales copy, product description, movie script, songs, coding, and a whole lot of things.

Features of ChatGPT

  • Interactive chatbot powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology.
  • Natural language understanding for engaging and contextually relevant responses.
  • Knowledgeable on a wide range of topics based on its vast training data.
  • User-friendly API for easy integration into various applications and websites.
  • Continuous learning and improvement through user interactions.

ChatGPT 3.5 is Free, but ChatGPT 4 price is $20 per month

7. Grammarly

Although the Grammarly tool is primarily developed for spelling and grammar checking. However, the tools have the ability to generate short content, unlike other tools that generate long-form articles.

One advantage of Grammarly is its ability to improve the readability of your articles. It does the proofreading as you type your text. You can install it as an app on your machine and it will work on your office suites and email. You can also install the Chrome extension.

Features of Grammarly

  • Comprehensive grammar and spelling checks for error-free writing.
  • Vocabulary enhancement and synonym suggestions to improve word choice.
  • Writing style and tone adjustments for different types of content.
  • Plagiarism detection for ensuring originality and proper attribution.
  • Browser extensions and integrations for real-time writing assistance across platforms.

Grammarly‘s price starts at $12 per month.

Product Brief Description Price
Jasper Popular AI content generator with NLP capabilities. $59/month
JeniAI AI-driven writing assistant for various content types. $0/month
Writesonic Amazing AI-powered content creation for blogs and social media. $19/month
Frase AI-driven content research and topic ideation. $44.99/month
CopyAI Interactive AI-powered copywriting for ads and product descriptions. $35/month
ChatGPT Viral chatbot powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology. Free
Grammarly Comprehensive grammar and spelling checks. $12/month

Final Thoughts

The process of creating material for your WordPress site may be streamlined with the aid of AI content writers. They might not, however, be the ideal choice for everyone. Because of this, it’s crucial to consider both the advantages and disadvantages before choosing if an AI content generator is cost-effective.

Again, whenever an AI writer creates the material, always strive to include some human aspect. As many of them create plagiarized text, avoid using it verbatim.

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