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One of the most essential components of educational technology is ensuring that both teachers and students have access to the appropriate tools and resources to help them study. In this post, I will share with you the top websites to download presentation templates for free.

While many forms of technology are available in classrooms, PCs, laptops, tablets, and cellphones are the most frequently used devices. These devices have the capabilities to receive presentation lessons. This may relate to why educators look for presentation templates for PowerPoint.

I have made a comprehensive list of sources where you can download presentation templates for free. We have previously written about how to enhance PowerPoint lecture contents.

Presentation templates for free

Regrettably, there are so many free presentation templates littered everywhere online. But many of them are poorly designed and do not follow the principles of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation templates. For instance, most of the free presentation templates are just ordinary design that was not done through the slide master.

This means that you can’t insert a new layout that will display that design or choose another color that will affect the slide. This is what I consider to be a bad presentation template aside from the look of the design.

Good free PowerPoint templates for education should be done from the slide master with simple designs that will help convey a message easily. Don’t forget there are other interactive presentation tools you can combine together.

Here is a list of presentation templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides:

1. Bubbler by Showeet

Bubbler is a free PowerPoint template with a modern and clean appearance. Functionality and modern design
PowerPoint template with abstract (bean-shaped) bubbles and a personalized color palette.

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This adaptable PowerPoint template includes 22 ready-to-use slides and a comprehensive set of ready-to-use examples, ranging from basic slides to more specific templates: agenda, 4 transition slide options, full image slide, for quotes, infographics, charts, and graphs, table-ready, with (worldwide) map example, and final ‘Thank You!’ as closure slide.

‘Bubbler’ has beautifully-crafted bespoke slide layouts that are incorporated into the slide master: formatting, placement, and placeholders are all optimized. As a result, this template is really simple to utilize.

2. Origami by Showeet

This is a free creative and colorful PowerPoint template with a one-of-a-kind, multicolored presentation design. With this free origami-themed PowerPoint template, you can add a creative touch to your presentation.

Feel the PowerPoint template that is modern, bright, and wonderfully created. It employs a fashionable color scheme (built-in).

This adaptable, colorfully designed template might help you picture your innovative presentation ideas.
It is ideal for designers, creative freelancers, and design companies that wish to showcase their work in a stylish manner.

This versatile template includes 25 ready-to-use slides, ranging from basic slides to more particular templates: agenda, 5 transition slide choices, full picture slide, for quotation, infographics, charts, and graphs, table-ready, with (global) map example, and final ‘Thank You!’ as closure slide.

3. Corporate by Showeet

This is another free PowerPoint template for business with a professional style and a modern color scheme. Give your PowerPoint presentations or papers a clean, professional, even corporate look.

Beautifully designed PowerPoint template that is clean, stylish, and versatile. It has a trendy color palette (built-in) with primary hues of orange, blue, and charcoal.

Obviously ideal for education and any business or organization. We have also answered many educational technology questions in the past.

4. Modern Architecture Presentation Template by SlidesCarnival

This is a free simple and modern Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation template made for commercial and corporate material.

Because it is totally configurable, with various easy-to-use page layouts and visual features, this versatile theme will allow you to create a professional presentation in half the time.

You may maintain the yellow accent color, or you can access the master slides and quickly change the color to reflect your company brand. Enjoy the quality of a paid template but for free, and display your project with confidence.

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5. Cymbeline Presentation Template by SlidesCarnival

This free template has a clean and modern design with a variety of slide styles to select from, allowing you to create a professional Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation in minutes.

The design’s round curves give it a contemporary and energetic appeal. This theme solely employs black and white colors, making it appropriate for any company branding. However, it is quite simple to alter; simply enter the master slides and replace black with any other color to match your business.

Whether you’re presenting your company’s achievements or pitching a fresh concept, this versatile theme will help you build a professional presentation in half the time.

6. Olivia Presentation Template by SlidesCarnival

In minutes, you can create an entertaining and professionally produced Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation. This free template features a basic and fresh style with several slide arrangement options.
It is quite simple to adjust and adapt it to your brand; simply replace the yellow hue with one that corresponds to your business identity.

Update the text with your own material and simply spice up your presentations with the provided charts, icons, maps, and tables. This subject is a terrific place to start whether planning your next class, an essential project, or pitching a unique business concept.

Instead of wasting time on design, concentrate on the content of your presentation! Also, learn how you can integrate technology in the classroom using PowerPoint.

7. Masters Thesis by SlidesGo

This Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template are both free. We understand that the road to higher academic degrees is hard, so prepare for your thesis defense and let this template help you acquire that master’s degree you’ve always wanted with our new Slidesgo template.

The road-themed images on some of the slides, we’re sure, were the first thing you noticed. It’s the ideal visual metaphor for demonstrating how far you’ve come in your investigation. The clarity of your thoughts is critical in a thesis defense, which is why we chose a plain background with no distracting components.

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The color palette blends greenish tones, which are associated with confidence and personal progress, with vibrant coral pink tones.

8. Memphis Marketing Plans by SlidesGo

Summer is right around the corner, thus now is the time to market your items for this time of year.
Present a marketing strategy developed in the contemporary Memphis style and demonstrate to your colleagues that you can reach your target demographic in a pleasant manner.

This brightly colored template will astound everyone, as each slide exudes youth and excitement.
Surround yourself with happiness by utilizing a pastel palette and experimenting with different combinations of red, pink, yellow, and blue.

You just cannot go wrong with this! Isn’t it usually a good idea to use images to make your words more interesting? That’s why we’ve provided some great photographs; use them to enhance your message.

9. Thank You Slides Free PPT Template by 24Slides

This slide is strongly recommended if your presentation is of a business nature. It features a serious, yet professional design that highlights the significance of the presentation.

You may also start a new discussion with the audience and brainstorm themes for a future meeting.
They will appreciate your efforts and want to hear from you again.

This modern slide is ideal for communicating with a younger audience in a more innovative manner. You will hold their attention till the end of the presentation and encourage them to share their thoughts on the subject.

10. Akanne Customized Template

If you are seeking to get a customized presentation template that will represent your brand, and you don’t have the required skill or time to make it. Akanne Technologies can design a very good modern presentation template for you.

The presentation templates for PowerPoint design made by Akanne Technologies can be used in Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and in Impress. All this can be done for you at a fair price.

Final Thoughts

These presentation templates are suitable for different kinds of presentations. They will appeal to your audience, whether it is professional or less formal.

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