Educational Technology Summit 2022 Edition

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Many educational technology startups have sprung up since the arrival of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Individuals and corporations are collaborating to use technology to facilitate education. AFRITEX has organized the Educational Technology Summit 2022 Edition to continue to propagate this message.

Do not forget that Pat Ugwu is an edtech expert who has been educating teachers on how to use technology in education through his blog and YouTube Channel.

Educational Technology Summit 2022 Edition

The Federal Ministry of Education in Collaboration with AFRITEX, an NGO working with stakeholders in promoting a digital economy for Nigeria and Africa at large is pleased to request your organization’s participation at the 4th edition of the EdTech Summit and Award with the theme: The Future of Education: Fifth Industrial Revolution, scheduled for 20th and 21st September 2022 at the Baze University Abuja.

The Summit is now in its 4th Edition and has since grown to be Africa’s leading annual professional development conference and exhibition focusing on technology integration strategies, engaging instructional practices, digital tools and resources, and emerging trends for teachers, students school administrators, publishers, and technology staff.

The 2022 edition of the EdTech Summit and Awards would feature a summit, expo of edtech solutions, products and services, and Awards. It will include a wide range of features, themes, topics, and speakers all of which are designed to help educational institutions align their digital strategies with teaching and learning strategies.

EdTech 2022 is set to bring together the top minds in the industry to grapple with the crucial and timely questions in education and equity facing mankind due to various pandemics and insecurity. Playing host to the most renowned educationists, EdTech innovators and practitioners, policymakers, and researchers, the summit reimagines the education space in search of the most influential and innovative solutions to the most pressing problems and challenges impacting learning and teaching activities, school management processes and the overall curriculum, with particular reference to Nigeria and Africa at large.

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As a critical stakeholder with a focus on providing educational technology solutions, the Executive Committee of EdTech 2022 would like to request your collaboration and participation as follows:

Collaborate with AFRITEX to achieve the aim of the Summit as stated above
The organization should exhibit its educational product/services at the summit
Promote and invite relevant stakeholders in your contact list to register ( and attend this national developmental summit for the EdTech Ecosystem.

Please find attached the summit brochure which includes various sponsorship/exhibition/advertising packages, post-show reports of previous editions, and a cover letter from the Federal Ministry of Education.

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