Free TRCN Official Syllabus for PQE Exams in PDF

The TRCN Official Syllabus for PQE Examination is a comprehensive document that outlines the subject areas and topics that are covered in the Professional Qualifying Examination for teachers in Nigeria.

The syllabus provides a detailed breakdown of the knowledge and skills that aspiring teachers need to demonstrate in order to be eligible for registration and licensing with the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria. You can get the Ultimate All-in-One Education Courses and use it to prepare for your exam.

In this free PDF file, you will get the TRCN Official Syllabus for PQE Examination, its content and structure.

List of TRCN Courses

The subjects or course are 23 in number.

  1. PQE 001: History of Education
  2. PQE 002: Philosophy of Education
  3. PQE 003: Sociology of Education
  4. PQE 004: Educational Psychology
  5. PQE 005: Guidance & Counseling
  6. PQE 006: The Teaching Profession
  7. PQE 007: Teacher Education
  8. PQE 008: Classroom Management & School Organisation
  9. PQE 009: Educational Technology/ICT in Education
  10. PQE 010: Subject Methodology
  11. PQE 011: Theory and Practice of Child-Friendly Schools (CFS)
  12. PQE 012: Curriculum Studies
  13. PQE 013: Measurement and Evaluation
  14. PQE 014: Educational Management
  15. PQE 015: Special Education
  16. PQE 016: Education of Special Target Groups/Adult Education
  17. PQE 017: Comparative Education
  18. PQE 018: Educational Statistics
  19. PQE 019: Educational Research Methods
  20. PQE 020: English Language & Communication Skills
  21. PQE 021: Use of the Library
  22. PQE 022: Basic Mathematics
  23. PQE 023: Micro Teaching Theory

In order to prepare for the TRCN QPE exam, candidates are encouraged to study and review the relevant subject matter thoroughly. There are various study resources available, including textbooks, study guides, and online practice tests, which can help candidates to familiarize themselves with the exam format and the types of questions that are likely to be asked.

NOTE: The TRCN does not give past questions and answers. Most of the questions you see online are Marely educational questions for preparation and not necessary TRCN past questions.