Mastering the art of office technology is no longer a luxury, rather it is a must-have skill for every individual who wants to have a cutting edge in their role. In today’s world, technology is employed in almost every work of life to improve productivity and streamline business processes. This is why office tech skills are in high demand by employers and people who want to improve themselves with some technological skills.

Today, there are a lot of technological tools that can help you to improve the speed of your work. While some of the tools are premium, many free tools are also available and their applications are not known by people who work in an office environment. That is why we are coming up with this course “Master Office Tech Essentials” to bridge the gap.

What to Expect

  1. Essential office tools (Wordprocessing, Spreadsheet, and Presentation packages, etc.)
  2. Communication tools (Google Workspace, Online Meetings, Blogging, etc.)
  3. Data entry tools (Data Entry, Record Keeping, Data Manipulation, Data Analysis, etc.)
  4. Graphics & Video tools (Graphic Design, Audio Editing, Video Editing, etc.)
  5. Digital assets tools (File Management, Cloud Storage, Online Forms and Surveys, etc.)
  6. Online research tools (Internet Browsing, AI Text Generation, AI Image Generation, etc.)
  7. Miscellaneous tools (Screen Recording, To-Do Lists, File Type Conversions, etc.)
  8. Office jobs (Office Work Ethics, Finding Remote Jobs, Standing Out, etc.)

We will not just show you these tools or just how to use them, we will show you their applications or use cases.

Perfect for

  • Entrepreneurs who wish to up their game.
  • Graduates seeking roles in office environments
  • Employees who want to improve their performance.
  • Students who want to take a job on the side or
  • Stay-at-home mums who want to work from home.

It doesn’t matter if you studied Business Administration, Accounting, Teacher Education, or one of the courses in sciences, this course is perfect for you.

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Pat Ugwu, popularly known as Uncle Pat. I studied Computer Science with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science Education. I have been a computer instructor since 2004 in different computer learning centers. I have participated in training Local Government Staff, and the training of Nigerian teachers. Plus numerous secondary school skill acquisition trainings all in Enugu State, Nigeria.

In the year 2016, I developed an interest in Educational Technology during my M.Sc. programme. The global lockdown that happened in the year 2020 forced by COVID-19 also helped to widen my knowledge in online course creation. During that time, I helped a Nigeria private polytechnic develop an online learning platform and also created some of the courses used for their learning.

I use an engaging and simplified teaching style to equip many students and practitioners with the basic technological knowledge required in today’s job market. My greatest drive is seeing my students’ success and I show the utmost dedication that guarantees quality instruction and support till the end of their learning journey. The attached images below are my training in the year 2008 and that of 2022.

Limited Time Pricing

This is a pre-sale course that will be launched on 1st of July 2024. So this course will be sold at N7,000 only from now till June 15th, 2024.

From the 16th of June, 2024, the course will be sold at N15,000 just for this batch. The price for the second batch will be N25,000.

Please be informed that we have limited spots available for this first batch and we promise to pour our hearts into it for all that signed up.

Don’t Wait – Secure Your Spot Today!

Take advantage of our unbeatable pre-sale pricing now! Just N7,000 will jumpstart your quest to become proficient in some important aspects of office technology. Do not forget that this price only lasts for some days. From there it rises to N15,000 then it moves up again to N25,000 at launch day.

Transform your office skills and boost your career prospects with “Master Office Tech Essentials“. Invest now to secure a bright future!